After 45 years in business I wanted to share my observations and experience. The objective of this site is to bring together various elements; videos; some articles; and, my courses. Living and working in 11 countries and having spent the past 20 years in Russia I have gained some insights into business practices and it has allowed me to observe different approaches to leadership and management.

I have spent time reading the literature on best practices but the majority of my material is created from my practical experience. Looking back on my various roles, perhaps one of the most important lessons that I have learnt is the importance of learning from failure.This has formed the core of my course "Successful Failure'.

I remain active in business and participate both as a specialist on banking and as a generalist within a variety of lobby groups. Bridging the Russian and overseas markets is my principal goal and my experience in running both Russian and foreign banks is helpful in furthering this dialogue.

In parallel, i am broadening my academic pursuits both in teaching and in researching the leadership practices of existing senior executives. I hope to continue to develop the course material and to publish a series of papers following in depth interviews with bank CEO's in Russia.
stuart lawson
Stuart Lawson has 36 years banking experience, including 16 years as CEO/ Chairman of banks in Russia. He has led both Citi and HSBC's Russian operations and for four years to 2009 was nominated one of Russia's leading bankers by the Central Bank, the Banks' Associations and the Ministry of Finance. He has managed banks for growth and in crisis, for major Western banks as well as Russian owned banks.

Over the past 6 years Stuart has established a strong position in consulting, primarily in the banking market. and has created a series of thought leadership workshops and seminars. He is a frequent public speaker and commentator and Is active in a variety of associations (responsible for activities of the Russo British Chamber of Commerce in Russia, Chairman of Finance and Investment and deputy chairman of banking committees at Association of European Businesses, co Chairman for Russia Stream at TheCityUK, member of supervisory board of Independent Directors Association).

Specialties: Worked in 11 emerging and Western markets over 25 years at Citibank where he was crisis manager in 5 countries and a director for leveraged buyouts and restructuring in the UK market.
EY, Senior Advisor
Bank advisory, business development

EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. The insights and quality services we deliver help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies the world over. We develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to all of our stakeholders. In so doing, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people, for our clients and for our communities. EY works together with companies across the CIS and assists them in realizing their business goals. 4,500 professionals work at 20 CIS offices

Russo British Chamber of Commerce, Director
Responsible for RBCC activities in Russia

Since its foundation in 1916, the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce has worked to promote trade and cooperation between the UK and Russia, helping companies in both countries to find trading partners and representing the interests of its member companies of all sizes.

With offices in London, Moscow and St Petersburg, the modern-day Chamber provides up-to-date advice and market-entry support to both Russian and international companies, along with regular information through our website, monthly e-mail newsletter, and quarterly members' magazine, the RBCC Bulletin.

Today the RBCC has a membership base, representing Russian, UK and international companies interested in strengthening their existing ties with Russia/UK or expanding into a new market. Continuous programmes of high-quality conferences, trade missions and seminars offer our members valuable opportunities for learning, networking and business development, while our long-standing contacts with government and business circles in both countries mean that we are strongly placed to assist our members.

Our mission is:

  • to provide a cost-effective professional and social platform and to facilitate business opportunities within the RBCC network
  • to be our members' voice in Russia-UK related business issues
  • to help new companies coming to the Russia and UK markets to achieve maximum success in the shortest possible time

Association of European Businesses; Director, Chairman Finance and Investment; Deputy Chairman Banking committee
  • The mission of the AEB Finance and Investments Committee is to assist in and contribute to the continued improvement of the investment climate in the Russian Federation for European business interests by addressing critical finance issues.
  • The Finance and Investments Committee includes the Leasing Subcommittee to address specific leasing issues.
  • To achieve these objectives, the Finance and Investments Committee will serve as a forum for discussion, a vehicle for lobbying and as an information network for the exchange of ideas concerning finance issues among the business community, Russian fiscal organisations and policy makers of the Russian Federation.
  • The activities of the Finance and Investments Committee include conferences, open meetings, lobbying efforts to address specific finance issues. The Finance and Investments Committee also organises and carries out information sharing activities, such as contributions to market updates and newsletters.
Skolkovo Ventures, director
SkV is the investment platform for capital raising for startups & M&A consulting, venture capital funds management, developing and launching new financial products for fast-growing technological companies
stuart lawson
Based on 35 years of banking experience in 11 countries including 20 years in Russia running Western and Russian banks

Senior lecturer at Graduate School of Management, Saint Petersburg University
Lecturer, New Economic School, Plekhanov Academy, Higher School of Economics
Guest lecturer, Said School of Management, Oxford University; Vlecrick Management School, Columbia University, Emory University
Successful failure
At some stage in a professional's career, it is almost inevitable that they will fail, either objectively or in their own estimation. At this critical juncture, many are lost to a period of intense introspection or worse, avoid accepting their failure for what it is by blaming others and not taking responsibility for their actions.

This course of a combination of lecture, case studies and class interaction aims to introduce students to the concept that failure, if approached correctly, is an opportunity to enhance leadership skills provided certain practical advice is followed.

Course components
  • Difference between skills and characteristics of leadership
  • How characteristics are developed in individuals
  • The concept of failure and its impact
Learning points (lecture and class participation)
  • Importance of self worth
  • Accept responsibility for actions (don't blame others)
  • Practical advise during transition, failure temporary
  • Set realistic goals but ensure met
  • Build on strengths not weaknesses
Introduction to leadership.
The difference between skills and characteristics of leadership.
What skills can be learnt?
Importance of emotional intelligence.
Styles of leadership and relevance.
Chasing the right characteristics.
The shift from management to leadership.
Risk management
Risk management, financial and non-financial risks. The course will provide students with a practical framework to manage the differing types of risk (operating, financial, political systemic, pr, management, physical) that they are likely to encounter in their careers.

Course objectives
  • Analyze the constellation of risks that exist within the business world, their differing characteristics and their potential impact on the dynamics of the business model.
  • Develop an understanding of financial and operating risk, its components and impact. Viewed from the perspective of banking, what are the implications of differing risks and how can these be mitigated?
  • Enable students to understand the impact of a crisis on the business model and management. Analyze the role of a crisis manager and the tools needed to survive unexpected, negative events.
  • Using a real life, recent , restructuring case in Russia, understand the dynamics of this important financial restructuring and make suitable recommendations. The case will be taught by the person who was at the center of the restructuring.
Crisis management
Crisis management.
Types and dynamics of crisis.
Impact on decision making.
What to do?
Forward looking radar.
Taking a view.
Efficient cycling information.
Shortening reporting lines.
Effective Crisis committee.
Triggers for action.
Analyse competition.
Role of relationships.
Liquidity as oxygen.
Revise scenarios.
Maintain morale.
Contingency planning.
After action report.
What determines winners and losers?
Stuart lawson
Stuart lawson
Born in London, Stuart attended Oxford and immediately joined Citibank in 1975. After a couple of years he had his first 'international posting' to Edinburgh and then started his global run around. Crisis management assignments followed in Nairobi, Cairo, Oslo and Milan interspersed with recovery in Athens and Paris. For 5 years he joined the cigar smoking leveraged buyout kings only to discover the glories of restructuring. In 1995 he set up Citibank in Moscow and then spent two years in the sun in Puerto Rico. From 2000 on, he found a way back to Moscow and ended up running banks for oligarchs and HSBC. 3 years ago he Joined EY and started teaching leadership, successful failure and strategic risk at Russian, British and American universities. He is immensely proud of his son Alexander, who now beats him easily at chess and is set to continue the globetrotting.

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